Misia Violencia was what my grandfather would call my grandmother when she was upset. It means Mrs. Violence. She was a strong, intelligent, determined woman who only showed me love, kindness and passion. As I became an adult, I learned about her flaws, only to make me more eager about my past and committed to make reparations.

Misia Violencia has been a source of inspiration for a long time now, and she has become a symbol of struggle, power, love and beauty. My work inherently has traces of these qualities, and it has helped me document and shape an identity I still struggle to comprehend.

I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia, and had no choice but to migrate to the US when I was 15. I yearn to learn about the places I come from and the history behind their people. I believe acknowledging our roots and learning about them is essential to improve as a society. Keeping our past close enriches our culture as this helps us empathize, make amends and reconcile the past with the present in hopes of building a better future. Over all, I would like my work to be about gender, sexuality, migration, race, ethnicity, and identity decolonization.

I use a wide variety of mediums and forms such as photography, painting and mixed-media drawing. Change motivates me. Diversity gives strength to my artistic practice as I believe each subject matter calls for a specific medium and treatment. My artwork greatly relies on research and the contemplation of the artistic process. I strive to explore, reflect on and redefine my human experience in order to create.

I would like to invite you to be part of my journey as I discover what my work and heritage are really about. I hope you enjoy what you witness.


University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain — Master of Fine Arts – 2019

New England School of Photography, Boston, MA, U.S. — Certificate in Professional Photography – 2011

Miami International University of Art and Design, Miami, FL, U.S. — Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude – 2009

Solo Alt Exhibitions

“Vislumbres Infantiles”, La Tetería Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain — 2019

“Pícará Picaflor”, ITACATE, Barcelona, Spain — 2018

Group Exhibitions

“From The Ground Up: Dwelling on Naturalness”, The Middle Gray, Brookine, MA — 2016

“Self Portrait”, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT –– 2013

“Alumni Tear Sheet Exhibition”, New England School of Photography, Boston, MA — 2012

“Iphoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs”, The Lunch Box Gallery, Miami, FL — 2012

“Identity Factory”, Espacio Rojo, Córdoba, Spain — 2009

“Visual Revolution”, Blank 45 Fine Art Gallery, Miami, FL — 2009

“Go FIgure”, Demet Koc Gallery, Miami, FL — 2009

“Terminal Crew”, Miami Spaces Warehouse, Miami, FL — 2009

“Horse Play”, Atrium Gallery, Miami, FL — 2008

“Jungle Fever”, Flamingo Lake Gallery, Miami, FL — 2008

“Garden Party”, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Beach, FL — 2007

“85@85”, Mi Arte Gallery, Miami, FL — 2007

“Juried Annual Student Show”, Atrium Gallery, Miami, FL — 2007


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Features & Contests

“Image Feature”, Feature Shoot’s Instagram, 2016

“The Print Swap”, Contest Winner, Feature Shoot, 2016

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