El Ajolote

This fish brings me back to childhood and makes my whole body smile. It’s amazing how deeply an artist can change your life and the way you look at things. Love art. Love literature. Love Julio Cortazar.


Photo by Catalina Piedrahita

Road’s End Farm

Last weekend I had the opportunity to escape the city and enjoy nature. Road’s End Farm is a place full of wonderful memories for some, and I got to see why by experiencing a fraction of what people can actually do there.

This place offers summer camps for girls interested in riding horses, hiking, swimming and much more.

These photographs were taken during the winter. That’s why they’re a bit gloomy, and the horses are on vacation resting and waiting for the summer and the girls. Imagine how beautifully green this place will be in summer time.

I wanted to share the photographs, and even though the farm doesn’t look at its best, I still think it is a beautiful place waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Please visit www.roadsendfarm.com to find more information about this great farm.